The Hot Sun? At last!

The sun is beating down mercilessly from a cloudless sky. Stones on the dry ground reflect the light and the heat through his poorly shielded eyes. He feels exposed. So exposed. He is wearing armoured boots. Thick soled. But he knows they will not save him if he puts a foot wrong. The task must be completed. This ground, hard won must be cleared. He takes another tentative step, the long pole held out before him, probing just below the surface of the earth. He is trying to measure his step each time, but shaking a little more too. There is a system. He knows it. But it may not be enough … and the terrible consequences of putting a foot down wrongly: too heavily, in the wrong place echo in his mind, stealing his concentration. The tiniest contact, too much vibration … the tiny, so-sensitive all-but-invisible filaments that rise like hair triggers from the ground …

Sorry my imagination runs away with me some times. We had a seriously warm day yesterday and after a walk over Cannock Chase I am hoeing the leeks. Two rows we grew from seed and an extra row and  half from a nursery. They are at that just-beginning to grow stage after planting out and in need of water. But, needless to say there are weeds too – and they are outgrowing the leek. So, out with the hoe and be-careful where you put your feet – or those tasty late autumn and deep winter meals will be leek-free.


The paths between plots, which are largely grass, are in serious need of strimming. Not so easy: the automatic line feed on our once reliable Sovereign (108 dB) strimmer had failed to operate and various people had taken sharp intakes-of-breath … I grasped the nettle and took the machine to a local garden/forestry equipment dealer. Expecting either to generate howls of laughter – or a big bill.

Actually neither. A very friendly and most efficient man appreciated the problem, diagnosed the fault; re-wound a spool of line – charged me £3.98!

So – great credit to Buxton’s Lawnmowers – on the A34 between Cannock and Stafford: genuinely helpful, bless ‘em.

So, bought some petrol, mixed up the two-stroke cocktail and, after the Hurt Locker episode above revved into action. So much faster (and noisier) than the hand shears. Bits of grass, nettle and soil flying every which way. Then it conked out. Fired it up … conked out again.

Eventually tracked the problem down: the little fuel priming bulb is damaged – leaking and letting air in the mixture. Next stop: e-Bay? Or Buxton’s?

Also watered the courgettes and pumpkins: so small and inoffensive in their allotted places at the moment. No sign of the big, bullying leaves that, hopefully will swamp the ground and the weed competition. Or the burgeoning vegetables that, I swear double in size overnight, like some science fiction creature that earthlings think is trying to take over the planet but in the last five minutes of the film realise is there to do only good.

DSC03054 DSC03055

Whoops there goes my imagination again. Nurse my medication please.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear you got your strimmer is match fit again. Of course a brush cutter suffers none of the line spooling issues thanks to a solid blade, but there again unless you need something as rugged as that changing the spool every now and then probably isn’t going to be any great shakes.


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