Weeds and Wine


After several hard days weeding and pruning and A couple of Fridays burning the plot is looking a bit more orderly now. It is never my intention to have it regimented and barren-but-for-crops – there are two wildlife ponds, headlands, hedges on two sides and a wildflower section after all – but it did need some sorting out.

Have got in most of the potatoes now: blight on site had me trim off the tops earlier to stop infection reaching and spoiling the tubers. Onions ready for taking up before stringing and hanging. A row of peas (Hurst Green Shaft) has been providing us with delicious portions but has now gone over. Very successful, our peas this year (said Yoda). We planted them a lot more thickly and they have responded with heavy, clean crops.

Runner beans, planted late are just starting to set and courgettes are becoming pumpkins faster than I can say pumpkin (they are also swelling incidentally).

Surprised by the masses of jostaberries hanging hidden in the side border: poor soil and neglect has been their lot, but picked seven pounds of the blighters yesterday. Searched the internet for a jam recipe for them, but they were very tasty with a meringue nest and some vanilla ice-cream. Meanwhile at home we also had record crops of blueberries. One of the guys up on site needs to show me how to take cuttings which, predictably he says are easy to strike


While tidying up the border that has these, some gooseberry and blackberry plants in it came across this year’s version of the “monster” that had me thinking I had discovered a new species last year (see https://mucktwineandthinker.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/season-of-oooo-er/). Either I missed some last year, they do degrade and disappear amazingly quickly! – or there actually are more this year, still looking like invaders from another world, even when you’re (half) expecting them!

DSC_0413 DSC_0406


The redcurrant wine we set off in a bucket last week has been strained and moved into a demi-john. We also bottled one of the wines that has been sat in a demi-john on the spare bedroom window ledge. Problem is we couldn’t remember: is it strawberry or redcurrant?

Note to self: label the jars this time, you fool!


It was also necessary (believe me please) to sample a couple of the other wines. They will need bottling in the next week. And, having given away so many bottles to friends and family, we now feel the need to ask for empty bottle donations (how weird it is admit that to myself: what I want empty wine bottles ?).


I am reminded while typing this that our local M.P. mentioned during an informal visit to the site a couple of weeks ago that he believed wine making was intricately complicated and difficult. He was bombarded instantly with recipes and anecdotes about how simple it actually can be. Splendid article about wine making here http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/features/a-berry-nice-vintage-its-time-to-rediscover-the-ancient-art-of-fermenting-fruit-wines-1784404.html 

Outside the “supermoon” is brightly rising in a sky now clear of clouds after a day of cool and heavy rain. We are experiencing the edge and aftermath of Hurricane Bertha apparently and the effects have been dramatic and forceful in other parts of the country. Here we may well just get away with wind fallen apples and plums.


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  1. Seem you are enjoying the fruits of your labour 🙂


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