Virtue, Patience and Some Nerves.

Needed a day to recover: from the warmth and from helping our daughter move house. Long story, but she had to move out of one house, furniture into storages offered by various very good friends and – one week later – into the new house. Generally anti-social behaviour by the lettings agency not to allow them an extra week (which would have made things so much easier – perhaps); especially as the house is being sold (not re-let) and builders were on hand to start seriously refurbishing the place (a.k.a.  major demolition!).

But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger eh ?

The plants from the garden were surgically removed , survived the journey to our house and are thriving; strawberries taste beautiful, believe me… that was one well loaded, no space left unfilled car on the way home let me tell you!

But, during the moving I had chance – after more years than I can count on one hand – to ask about the fate of a fridge that has been sitting in our garage; since an earlier move.

“Yeah!  Oh, er … yeah. Sorry had forgotten all about it.”

“Don’t need it; get rid of it please!”

First thought. Simple. Put it on the pavement, some passing “tatters” will pick it up and problem solved. But, clearing stuff out from on top of it and around it … I paused to open it up. It looked so perfectly clean. Some eminently sensible soul had put pure white paper kitchen towels on the shelves. The door was taped closed. No smells. So … I decided to try something I have never done before.

Freecycle*. Have you come across this yet?

I have picked up a few things on this altruistic site. A gas barbecue: fine condition. Wine making equipment; which we collected then found the seven demi-johns we had failed to find before. The concept is simple. Go online. Register. Then, if you have anything you want to get rid of that is reasonably useful post a description of it and wait.

Now it is not an auction site. Payment is not allowed. So I posted a brief description of the fridge.

To be honest was not expecting much back. But quickly people e-mailed expressions of interest. The plan is that mutual collection is then arranged (or delivery). Fair enough I sent our location to the first respondent, but there was no reply … and an ever-lengthening queue of more and more people, apparently desperate for my fridge! So I e-mailed a second. Comeback was quick: a phone call and within the hour a  car came round – followed by a youth on a small cylinder motorbike (he’d just passed his test and was desperate to ride, ride, ride (how lovely is that ?)) Ironically enough the fridge was needed for a daughter, who, ironically has just moved into a new flat.

However a small dread then crept in: what if the first person turned up? I “managed”  the site, posting a “taken/thanks for interest” message easily enough. But, while rather proud of myself: the fridge was heading for a useful life instead of a scrapyard (got to be environmentally friendly I’m thinking), I was quite nervous for quite a while.

In the end, these couple of days later, I am reassured that it was the right thing to do … and would do it again, with a little more confidence next time.

•    if you need to know. Easy to use; heartily recommend it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad you discovered Freecycle! It was a great resource for getting my children toys without wasting! [except for this one really, REALLY creepy doll I got ;)]


  2. I haven’t used freecycle, but I know someone who does. I wrote about it in this post. Oh and btw, I linked to you in my latest one. Sue


  3. I think perhaps it was karma for the fridge to stay in your garage for so long, waiting for the next family to need it… Just think if it had been reclaimed earlier then the fridge would have missed out on a whole world of travel….


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