Four Trees


Comfortable inside, part trapped by a head cold and heavy, promise of thunderstorm air outside

(and waiting for a gardening programme on TV) I noodled about, casually among new blogs.

You should try it, there’s some amazing stuff out there; guess it could become addictive (maybe it is and

it’s too damned late ???)

But I came across a blog* that had this poem.

Something in it made a connection and, well here it is:


Four Trees — upon a solitary Acre —

Without Design Or Order,

or Apparent Action —

Maintain —


The Sun — upon a Morning meets them —

The Wind —

No nearer Neighbor — have they —

But God —


The Acre gives them — Place —

They — Him — Attention of Passer by —

Of Shadow, or of Squirrel, haply —

Or Boy —


What Deed is Theirs unto the General Nature —

What Plan

They severally — retard — or further —

Unknown —


Emily Dickinson


Now my head is filled with images and thoughts of trees and landscapes, big, small, single and massed plantings.

Need some time off-line.

Maybe I’m not so addicted – yet!





One response to this post.

  1. But, then again, I know I’m going to be coming back to search-engine Emily Dickinson.
    Addictive? Yes!
    Addicted? HMMM …


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